New Opportunities and Ways

We are a Behavioral Science company devoted to providing the highest quality of personalized behavior support services to children and adults with disabilities.


Mission statement

New Opportunities & Ways (NOW) is devoted to providing the highest quality and standard of personalized behavioral supports to children and adults with disabilities by providing knowledge and tools for our clients and those most influential in their lives; empowering each person to realize their place in our community.


“A failure is not always a mistake; it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

B.F Skinner

New Opportunities and Ways believes that for change to happen, people must feel involved in the process and responsible for the outcomes. The above quote is how we feel about ourselves, our clients, caregivers, family, and friends. We believe in an approach that teaches by involving the client in the process of learning new skills and techniques to live healthy – emotionally, socially,
and physically.

NOW will embrace this philosophy by providing the following supports to our participants:

  • Support participant empowerment and informed decision-making.
  • Support and assist participants to form and remain connected to natural support networks
  • Promote participant dignity and self-worth
  • Support Person-Centered team meetings which help ensure and promote the participant’s right to choice, inclusion, employment, growth, and privacy
  • Foster a restraint-free environment where the use of mechanical restrains, seclusion, manual restrains including any manor of prone or supine restrain, or chemical restrains shall be prohibited
  • Support the SCL program goals that all participants:
          • Receive Person-Centered waiver services, which addresses what is important to and important for the participant
          • Are safe, healthy, and respected in the participant’s community;
          • Live in the community with effective, individualized assistance, and
          • Enjoy living and working in the participant’s community
          • Ensure satisfactory outcomes which lead to relationships, dignity, choice, real contribution, and inclusion in the community


NOW has adopted the values that guide the Kentucky Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DDID) as we strive together to make a positive difference in the lives of all participants with whom we come in contact.

Person-Centered Thinking – Person-Centered thinking drives our actions by emphasizing the importance of each person. Communities are the first places to seek, identify, and nurture supports and opportunities.


Participation in the Community – We affirm all people can direct their own supports and thereby encourage and promote true and meaningful participation in the community as essential to Person-Centered practices.


Employment – Participants of working age are employable: employment is life-enriching.

Direct Support Professionals – We recognize and embrace direct support professionals as essential team members whose input is valued and respected at all levels of planning and implementation of services pertinent to participants they support.

Natural Supports – We promote and respect the involvement of family members and natural supports to empower participants in the pursuit of active meaningful participation within their community.

fees and services

New Opportunities and Ways provides services to participants receiving funding through the State of Kentucky’s Medicaid program for home and community-based waiver programs. Rates and services are determined by the participant’s Plan of Care (PoC) as approved by the Commonwealth of Kentucky (907 KAR 12:020, 1:835, 3:100, and 3:210). Should a participant be interested in services, and he/she does not qualify; under the state or waiver funded service, a private fee can be negotiated.