Residential Level 2 (SCL Waiver)

This service is funded by the Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver in Kentucky and is provided in a family home provider (FHP) for individuals who require up to 24 hours a day of support.  The supported person may require assistance with medication administration, transportation within the community, bathing or any other assistance that helps them live their best lives. New Opportunities & Ways is devoted to caring for our participants in a family home setting where compatibility between the participant and the family home provider is of utmost importance, where the participant can thrive in a residential setting, and where a familial-type atmosphere will help prosper positive decision-making skills and enhance assisted daily living independence.

Residential Level 2 is a paid contractual service that allows an adult with an intellectual disability to live with a family who can care for their needs and help them grow as a person.  These adults are placed in family homes where they can feel like they’re part of the family, take part in family activities, attend community events and enhance their individual abilities to develop relationships and foster independent growth.  The FHP will attend annual training to maintain requirements for the SCL waiver and the agency.  Compatibility between the FHP and the supported person is of utmost importance to develop long-term placement, as we believe the proper pairing of an FHP and the supported person is essential to natural family bonding, longevity and happiness.